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September 15, 2015

Every company is a tech company

Use technology or get left behind

Technology is part of the fabric of every industry, every company, and every organization. Either you use the technology to disrupt yourselves and your industry, or you might just get left behind.

Don’t believe me? Let me ask you a question: what is John Deere? I used to think it was a tractor company.

In reality, it is that and so much more. John Deere sells data and analytics to farmers so that they can determine what seed mix to use to maximize crop yields. They use GPS technology to drive precision farming. One example: instead of allowing for 3 feet of overlap as a 30-foot combine moves up and down a field, precise location technology allows farmers to leave just an inch.

This small change has big implications for bottom lines and operational efficiency – less fuel, less fertilizer, and less cost for farmers who operate on razor-thin margins.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The last major disruption from technology occurred when analog information – movies, music, financial data — became digital. Think of the shift from Blockbuster to Netflix, from records and tapes to CDs and MP3s.

Now we’re seeing similar impacts in the physical world.

Every Sector

It’s every sector of the economy – from retail, transportation, local government services, energy grids and pipelines. It’s the fit bits that we use to stay healthy, and the Nest thermostats we use to heat and cool our homes. It’s connected cars that help us avoid accidents and smart parking meters that increase revenues for local governments, while reducing pollution and being more consumer friendly.

But in many if not most of these cases, disruptive technologies run headlong into policy, regulatory, or social impact. Uber has to grapple with how to classify drivers – contractors or employees – and will ultimately need to address safety and security concerns. Connected cars raise cybersecurity concerns. And John Deere needs robust rural broadband and radio spectrum to operate effectively.

That’s where Vrge comes in. We help disruptors and the disrupted navigate this world of jarring change, where if you don’t position yourself in the right way from the outset, you will run into policy, anti-trust or social concerns down the road.

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