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November 29, 2016

Americans Love Tech, But Expect it to Kill Jobs

SurveyMonkey's Jon Cohen Discusses some of the Surprising Data in Our "Tech in the Age of Trump" Survey

SurveyMonkey’s Jon Cohen shared some of the surprising data we found in our post-election “Tech in The Age of Trump” research on American attitudes toward the tech industry, the economy, globalization, and the president elect.

Despite incredible support for value the technology industry current provides to Americans and the economy, the research exposed some concerns that the industry will take away more jobs than it creates.

As people continue to look for answers on how Donald Trump was able to pull off this unlikely victory, the question on globalization was incredibly revealing. Trump’s focus on the negative effects of immigration and trade spoke very clearly to white men without college degrees, who voted in unexpected numbers in this election.


You can read more about the Vrge Analytics & SurveyMonkey “Tech in the Age of Trump” research in the Vrge blog post and the top-line survey memo.

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