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Peer-to-Peer Lending’s Stress Test

Peer-to-Peer lending is a promising corner of the financial technology sector. The P2P lending process is relatively simple: First, prospective borrowers choose a loan amount and post a listing. Prospective lenders review these listings, and select loans that match their investment needs. Once the loan is established, borrowers make fixed monthly payments, and investors’ P2P […]

Posted on January 5, 2016

Will Torrents Slow To A Trickle?

For years, anti-piracy groups have struggled to stem the flow of illegal content downloads via BitTorrent. The effort is akin to Whack-A-Mole: for every torrent site that gets taken down, three more pop up to take its place. However, recent developments show that the anti-piracy cause is making real and lasting progress. In November, the […]

Posted on December 21, 2015

Our Four Channel Future

Remember the four big networks? Even if you’re a millennial, you probably do. Just a couple of decades ago, most people got the bulk of their entertainment content from one of four broadcast television networks. Do you feel nostalgic for the simplicity of the broadcast TV era? If your answer is yes, there’s good news. […]

Posted on October 9, 2015
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